G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd. specializes in the construction and installation of rides of all sizes for amusement parks around the world. The founders, Ghislain Martin and Alain Vleminckx, both started their careers in the amusement park industry as ride operators. Throughout the years, G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd. has added to its team several professionals whose expertise contributes greatly to making the company a leader of the amusement park industry in North America.

Today, G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd. serves an international clientele comprised of ride manufacturers and amusement parks. The company's headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). In addition to its administrative offices, the company has more than 30,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and workshop space.

From the start, the company was committed to producing nothing less than top quality work, which resulted in a healthy and regular growth curve that included more and more frequently order renewals from prestigious clients. Twenty-five years later, G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd. offers a wide range of services that includes, amongst others, the delivery of Wood Coasters of all sizes and types, the renovation plans, the construction and the installation of rides. In addition, through its collaboration with the industries top engineers, the company is able to offer design services. Finally, prefabrication, engineering, loss prevention, construction management and quality control complete the list of services offered by the firm.

Recent News

IAAPA 2013
Come see us at the IAAPA exhibition in booth no. 5104 and learn of all the exciting things were doing.
4 New Wood Coaster!
MVR is reshaping the Chinese landscape with the addition of 4 new, wood, coaster contracts.

G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd. is committed to offering its clients the best quality of work, products and services. As a matter of fact, the level of quality, safety and satisfaction enjoyed by the company's clientele is unequalled in the amusement park industry.

A "partnership" attitude for all its projects contributes to the attainment of the company's objective to create long-lasting relationships with each of the manufacturers as well as each of the amusement and aquatic parks that entrust it with the responsibility of delivering a ride. Another important contribution to the development of its business relations is the singular resolve with which the company respects the deadlines and budgets of its projects.

Finally, the success of each of the sites where it does work is close to the groups heart. Consequently, the company contributes to it by delivering rides that satisfy the manufacturers because the quality level is respected and that entertain the users by their originality and their safety level.

The company's employees enjoy advantages over others on the international scene because of their Canadian or American passports, which enable them to travel easily throughout the world. The same thing is true for the work permits of specialized employees that can be obtained with ease and a minimum of resistance, no matter what country is involved.

G. Martin & A. Vleminckx Amusement Ltd.'s U.S. subsidiary is an autonomous and completely operational company offering the advantage of the same constitution, which is the maneuverability of a local company. The company and its employees are covered with adequate liability insurance.

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