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Martin & Vleminckx offers a wide range of ride solutions from family/junior rides to exciting thrill rides. We are proud to offer coasters in many styles: wood, steel, out and back, terrain, racing and twister. Our team of project managers, engineers, fabricators and builders will work closely with you to create the right ride attraction to meet your needs.

Jungle Trailblazer Xiamen


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

Jungle Trailblazer Xiamen features the first ever "sidekick" element. With a lot of airtime and a 115 degree banked turn, this is a fast and fun ride.

Location: Xiamen, Fujian, China Opened: 4/2017 Length: 3232 feet / 985 metres Height: 104 feet / 31 metres Speed: 54 mph / 87 km/h Features: Sidekick element, 115 degree banked turn

Splash Battle Classic

Preston & Barbieri

Splash Battle is a fun interactive water ride designed for the enjoyment of the whole family. the vehicles moving around a lake on a predetermined path. On-board water cannons allows partecipant to shot jets of water at other ride vehicle.

Jungle Trailblazer Ningbo


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

Jungle Trailblazer Ningbo This ride features a 360 degree barrel roll on a wood framed roller coaster. Low and fast with a lot of airtime and a 90 degree banked turn. Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China Opened: 4/2016 Length: 3264 feet / 995 metres Height: 106 feet / 32 metres Speed: 55 mph / 89 km/h Features: 13 Airtime Hills, Corkscrew

Flume – Family

Passengers will experience a unique sensation, descending from hills and splash in the pool with a special water effects.

Jungle Trailblazer Wuhu


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

This ride features a compact footprint, a 360 degree barrel roll, and a 90 degree banked turn. Filled with airtime, sweeping turns, and upside down action, this ride is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Location: Wuhu, Anhui, China. Opened: 6/2015. Height: 109 feet / 33 meters. Length: 3467 feet / 1057 meters. Speed: 56 mph / 90 kph

Coaster Double Race


A coaster with two tracks and two sets of trains that are launched together and duel one another to the finish.


This is another mechanical engineering marvel on auto-piloting control locomotive design that is perfectly designed and manufactured by Preston&Barbieri in Italy and offers a stunning visual feast of joys on the mechanical aerobatics for the enthusiastic riders and visitors at the amusement theme parks and on the shows ground of a travelling carnival. Most importantly, […]

Flying Swinger

Flying Swinger represents one of the most classic attractions in the market. Passengers are seated on the chairs and have the sensation to fly around the ride.

Technical Specifications

Construction: Park model or trailer mounted
Height: 12.80 metres
Width: 17 metres (57″)
Depth: 18 metres (60″)
Upper speed: 17 RPM anticlockwise
Tower speed: 5 RPM clockwise
Loading: Simultaneous
Vehicle: 48/32 passengers
Estimated capacity: 960/640 passengers/hour
Motive […]

Jungle Trailblazer Jinan


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

The world's first 360 degree barrel roll for a wooden framed roller coaster. Low and fast with a lot of airtime and a 90 degree turn. This Gravity Group design was built by Martin & Vleminckx Rides.

Location: Jinan, China Park: Jinan Cultural Heritage Park Opened: 6/2015 Length: 3264 feet / 995 meters. Height: 110 feet / 33.5 meters. Speed: 55 mph / 88 kph.

Crazy Cups

The Crazy Cup (or Tea Cup) is well know all over the world. The small turntables, which rotate clockwise, each holding the teacups, within one large turntable, rotating counter-clockwise.

Technical Specifications:

Maxi-9 (Cannibal Pots, Mushrooms)

Construction: Permanent park
Main Plate Width: 14m
Small Plate Width: 4,5 m
Main Plate Rotation: from 0 to 16 rpm
Small Plate Rotation: from 0 to 10 […]

Jungle Trailblazer Zhengzhou


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

This ride features a compact footprint, a back to back “Sidekick” element and a 90 degree horseshoe turn. Packed with twists, humps, and dips. The action does not stop from start to finish.

Location: Zhengzhou, China. Park: Fantawild Dreamland Park. Opened: 7/2015 Height: 108 feet / 33 meters. Length: 3188 feet / 972 meters. Speed: 54 mph / 87kph

Time Traveller


Wood Coaster Manufacturing

This awesome new wooden coaster thrills riders at Hot Go Park in Fushun, China. The twisting terrain interacts with the midway in a beautiful setting on a cliff. Designed by The Gravity Group and built by Martin & Vleminckx.

Location: Fushun, China Park: Hotgo. Opened: 9/2014. Height: 103 feet /  31.4 meters.   Length: 3682 feet / 1122 meters. Speed: 58 MPH / 93 KPH