Wood Roller Coasters

Martin & Vleminckx offer a wide range of roller coaster ride systems to meet whatever your needs are including our traditional custom wooden roller coasters that we design, manufacture, and install anywhere in the world.

Wooden Roller Coasters

Martin & Vleminckx designs, manufactures and delivers innovative, one of a kind, traditional wooden roller coaster with state-of-the-art trains. Recent wood coaster include: The High Five, Barrel Roll, and varying degrees of over banked turns. With more new elements currently under development we can custom design a unique and tailor-made ride to fit your site and budget. Rugged terrain, flat surface, large or small, design and delivery anywhere in the world is our expertise.
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Thrill Rides


The Unicoaster is an interactive attraction that thrills all ages with a unique and exciting ride experience. Riders love the ability to control the action by using the control stick to flip themselves forward or backwards. The interactive rider control makes every ride unique and allows riders to control the excitement level. The ride is only 45 to 60 feet in diameter and seats up to 24 guests.

Introduced in 2020, Unicoaster Roulette: The Game You Can Ride takes the excitement one step further, allowing the riders the chance to win a prize with every ride!  This version is perfect for casinos, cruise ships, or even family fun centers looking to add a unique promotional theme to their lineup.

Standard and custom themes are available.


Unicoaster™ 2.0

The Unicoaster 2.0 is an evolution of the Unicoaster and offers a unique and exciting ride experience with the patented rotating seats mounted on a coaster track. The track can be custom designed to fit most any ride envelope both indoors and outdoors. The Unicoaster 2.0 also offers the options to have a typical chain lift with a train of the rotating seats or can have individual rotating seats driven around the track by an induction system in the track. These options provide great flexibility for custom design application for small areas such as the deck of a cruise ship or in a family entertainment center. 

Both the Unicoaster and the Unicoaster 2.0 brings the high-intensity spins and inversions of giant hypercoasters to your destination!


The Skyblazer is a wonderful new attraction that is an evolution of the famous Skycoaster. 

This thrilling new ride can load six to eighteen passengers on the ground in a disc-shaped platform. Once securely strapped into the roller coaster-style restraint, the ride ascends in an arc path to a 200-foot drop height. Then, as the vehicle begins to fall and swing, the disc rotates, providing multiple thrills. 

Spectacular during the day, the ride custom light option features a “whimsical nighttime ride experience” for riders and spectators alike.


The SkySpire is an architecturally stunning structure. Its appearance is not only unique, but also provides ample space for media, advertising and sponsorship opportunities for operators. Passengers enjoy breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views in climate-controlled gondolas during their ride to the top. The top platform can be used as a panoramic viewing site and/or a separate venue for food and beverage creating a multi revenue attraction not offered by other panoramic viewing attractions. Unique custom methods for going up and down are options to adopt the attraction while creating the level of thrill the SkySpire offers.  

The Skyspire requires less area for a taller, higher volume, more unique, more defining 360 degree experience and delivers more value with less square footage.

A truly defining landmark that is an incredible draw for tourists of all ages.     



The Polercoaster™ re-orients the entire concept of a roller coaster by going vertical. The same length of track with loops, dips, twists and all the other thrilling mayhem that constitute a great coaster experience, but in a very small footprint. That is the sheer genius of the Polercoaster™. It can also be designed to deliver a multi revenue attraction with alternate means for going up or down of the top platform.

Delivering high thrills in a small diameter footprint is a recipe for economic success. The vertical nature creates an amazing visual experience with potential for exceptional lighting options and signage that can provide ancillary revenue streams.


The Skyview modernizes the idea of a standard Ferris wheel and makes it look, feel, and perform better.  All the benefits of the classic, but with climate-controlled cabins, a smoother ride, a better view, and the ability to customize the setup into eye-catching and crowd-drawing shapes such as circle, oval, triangle, or even a funky-fun leaning oval.

All while reaching greater heights and in greater comfort, the Skyview is a modern innovation on a classic concept that will keep people coming back.   


The G-Storm offers a new one-of-a-kind ride experience. This unique attraction sends a gondola filled with passengers flying back-and-forth while traversing a cable between 2 towers. The unique cable system allows for the gondola to carry passengers over water, terrain or any area with its flexibility to custom design the distance between the towers. There is no other ride attraction that offers the unique design and flexibility the G-Storm offers while delivering a very exciting thrilling experience. 

Virtual Reality Rides

Virtual Reality Magical Sleigh Ride

The Virtual Reality Sleigh Ride offers a great family attraction during the festive period. With a choice of 2 rides, D.A.S.H and his World Adventure or D.A.S.H and his Lapland Adventure, the ride seats up to 8 people and takes them through a Magical Sleigh Ride journey using the headsets. The sleigh tilts forwards, backward, and side to side whilst fans create a wind effect giving the ride a full 4D effect.  This ride is manufactured by The Seasonal Group and is distributed exclusively by Martin & Vleminckx in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Virtual Reality Jungle Boat Ride

The Jungle Boat Ride is a perfect family adventure ride any time of the year! Climb on board and join D.A.S.H in his jungle adventure as he tries to return the lost crystals. Seating up to 8 people the intrepid journey begins in the virtual boathouse using HD VR headsets. Tilting forwards, backward, and side to side, the boat’s movements have been specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 experience, creating a truly spectacular journey for all the family.  This ride is manufactured by The Seasonal Group and is distributed exclusively by Martin & Vleminckx in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Virtual Reality Halloween Cart Ride

The Virtual Reality Halloween Cart Ride offers a spooky and fun family attraction during the Halloween season. Help DASH fight the evil FLASH and get back to safety. This ride seats up to 8 people and takes them through a spine-tinging journey using the headsets. The cart tilts forwards, backward, and side to side, bringing fearsome fun for all the family!  This ride is manufactured by The Seasonal Group and is distributed exclusively by Martin & Vleminckx in the U.S.A. and Canada.
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The animatronics are mechanically animated characters that can be used to liven the atmosphere of any retail or entertainment venue.  Martin & Vleminckx is the exclusive distributor of The Seasonal Group animatronic products in the U.S.A and Canada. The company The Seasonal Group is recognized to offer state-of-the-art animatronic products that are enjoyed by families worldwide. Contact us to learn more about these captivating animatronics products.
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Installation & Relocation

Martin & Vleminckx was originally founded to install amusement rides of all types and sizes worldwide. Projects of all scales and sizes have been completed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, Malaysia, Europe, and most recently Vietnam. Past projects include the installation of the two largest roller coasters in the world. Our expertise ensures that any ride installation or relocation, steel or wood, large or small, anywhere in the world will be successful.
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Attraction Maintenance & Repair

Martin & Vleminckx has a long, proven record for maintenance and repair of all types of amusement attractions, including wooden coaster re-profiling, repair of track, and structural repairs. Annual service contracts are also available. Whether it be a controls update, mechanical update or repair, or any other maintenance or repair problem, no issue is to big or to small or too far away for us to handle.

Martin & Vleminckx also provides parts distribution for their attractions, and water dummies for load testing of rides and attractions.

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Water Dummies

Martin & Vleminckx is excited to offer flexible water dummies for load testing of rides. 80 KG or 176 LBS when filled, 4 LBS empty. 6 mil PVC, Fully collapsible for easy compact storage. Roller Coasters, Drop Towers, Swing Rides, and more. Includes: Seat Belt and storage bag.

Available in the USA for immediate shipment worldwide.

90 KG, 198 LBS version also available.

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These are just some of the products and services offered by Martin & Vleminckx. For more information, please contact our sales team.
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