Project Description

Product Description

Unicoaster™ 2.0

The Unicoaster 2.0 is an evolution of the Unicoaster. This attraction features single vehicule or vehicules tethered as a coaster train with controlled 360 degree rotating seats on customized roller coaster tracks. Requiring a much smaller track than a traditional rollercoaster, 2.0 brings the high-intensity spins and inversions of giant hypercoasters to your destination!


  • Dual Loop or custom designed Configuration 
  • ​Number of Vehicles Single or 8 
  • ​Capacity  600 People per hour
  • ​Minimum Height  48 Inches
  • ​Ride Speed  20 MPH
  • ​Length As Configured  1000 Feet or custom designed

​Power Requirement depending single coaches or trains with chain lift system

  • ​50 Kw 
  • ​480 VAC
  • ​3 HP (75A MCB)