Project Description

Product Description


The Skyview modernizes the idea of a standard Ferris wheel and makes it look, feel, and perform better. All the benefits of the classic ride, but with climate-controlled cabins, a smoother ride, a better view, and the ability to customize the setup into eye-catching and crowd-drawing shapes, such as: circle, oval, triangle, or even a funky-fun leaning oval. All while reaching greater heights and in greater comfort, the Skyview is a modern innovation on a classic concept that will keep people coming back.


  • Height 200 – 1000 Feet
  • Capacity 1,500 – 2500+ People per hour
  • Tested for hurricane-force winds at half the weight of a traditional ferris wheel
  • Custom shapes available
  • Climate controlled gondolas with interactive media center
  • US and Foreign Patents Granted


Gondola size and passenger requirements can be tailored per customer’s requirements, from 20-50 gondolas carrying between 6-20 passengers each.

Continuous Walk-on/Walk-off loading and unloading

Pre-board walk-up bar service can promote additional revenue stream

Built-in promotion and advertising revenue via giant external digital screens (available in numerous formats and sizes) and internal gondola screens