Project Description

Product Description


The Skyblazer is a wonderful new attraction that is an evolution of the famous Skycoaster. 

This thrilling new ride can load six to 18 passengers on the ground into a disc-shaped vehicle. Once securely strapped into the roller coaster-style restraints, the ride ascends in an arc path to a 200-foot drop height. Then, as the vehicle begins to fall and swing, the disc rotates, providing multiple types of thrills. 


  • Height  200 – 350 Feet
  • Length between towers – Variable 
  • ​Riders  6 – 24 (Configurable)
  • ​Ride Duration: 4 minutes subject to custom design 
  • ​Capacity  81 – 324+ People per hour
  • ​Three-tower design wrapped in ETFE for a striking and cost-effective design