Project Description

Product Description


The Polercoaster™ re-orients the entire concept of a roller coaster by going vertical. The same length of track with loops, dips, twists and all the other thrilling mayhem that constitute a great coaster experience, but in a very small footprint. That is the sheer genius of the Polercoaster™.  It can also be designed to deliver a multi revenue attraction with alternate means for going up or down of the top platform

Delivering high thrills in a small diameter footprint is a recipe for economic success. The vertical nature creates an amazing visual experience with potential for exceptional lighting options and signage that can provide ancillary revenue streams.


  • Height  200 – 1000 Feet
  • ​Length  2000 – 10,000 Feet
  • ​Capacity  1,500+ People per hour
  • ​4 to 12 Elements
  • ​4 to 12 Eight-passenger vehicles
  • ​World’s only 360-degree lift system
  • ​US and Foreign Patents Granted


  • Observation Deck (*Optional)
  • ​15,000 – 50,000 sq. ft. potential for retail,
  • restaurants, and event space.
  • ​LED Multimedia Light Show


​Two potential attractions in one: thrilling vehicle roller coaster and observation tower with multiple uses.

​Customizable full coaster experience in a tiny footprint with iconic landmark appeal.