Project Description

Booster is one of the most successful ride available on the market.

This ride combines extreme sensations and spectacular movements, and thanks to its impact dimensions, it is visible from far away and attracts visitors to the Park, becoming a local landmark.

The ride does not require a lot of ground space and has a perfect capacity for any type of park. The ride has one loading/unloading position in the station. While Car 1 is in the station for unloading Car 2 is in top and its passengers enjoy a nice panoramic view.

Booster 40/8 can accommodates up to 8 passengers (4 each vehicle) and they are seated on free spinning vehicles back to back, with dangling legs. Each vehicle is equipped with shoulder bar closed by a double locking device.

Vehicles can perform a 360° rotation and their variable speed can reach a max force of 3,6 G and almost 100 km/h [62 mph].