Project Description


This is another mechanical engineering marvel on auto-piloting control locomotive design that is perfectly designed and manufactured by Preston&Barbieri in Italy and offers a stunning visual feast of joys on the mechanical aerobatics for the enthusiastic riders and visitors at the amusement theme parks and on the shows ground of a travelling carnival. Most importantly, this mechanical auto-piloting control (gyro-piloting) locomotive amusement facility stimulates one of the best sensational energetic excitement of adrenaline rushes to those passengers who are either riding or piloting it directly from their seating position inside the carrier of the AVIO with overwhelming illuminative feeling of personal accomplishments under a well-controlled situation on gyration against the force of gravity. The sheer experiences acquire under an adventurous atmosphere with multiple emotions from the joy of circulating round and round and high- above the ground , at the same time in direct control on manipulating the flying motion of ups and downs in mid air repeatedly is a heart-throbbing excitement and a thrilling pleasure to all passengers who are riding on the AVIO carrier from their seating position. Theme designs of passengers carrier and on the centre rotating pillar are: Warrior planes; Butterflies; Bees; Horses; Elephantines; Birds; Fishes; Seahorses; And many other metamorphosis subjects. Other theme designs, colors and dimensions can be supplied upon customer’s request.