Alain Vleminckx, President and co-founder of Martin & Vleminckx is stepping down as President, but will remain with the company as CEO and will act as Senior Advisor. As the co-founder and President of Martin & Vleminckx, founded in 1984, Mr. Vleminckx was the cornerstone of the company’s success and he was instrumental in building Martin & Vleminckx’s enviable reputation in the amusement park industry.

Mr. Vleminckx acquired his interest in the amusement business when as a young boy he started working at the now closed Belmont Park in Montreal in 1970, where he operated the Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel.  This very same Wheel was recently purchased by Mr. Vleminckx and brought to the Haines City, Florida facility. In his years working at Belmont Park, he had many roles and many titles.  He had worked in almost every department of the amusement park; as rides supervisor, carpentry, mechanical, electrical and was the Marketing and Public Relations Director until Belmont Park closed in 1981. This eventually led to his appointment as General Manager at La Ronde Park in Montreal, now Six Flags La Ronde, for Ride Concessions. With this experience Martin & Vleminckx was founded with Mr. Ghislain Martin in 1984.

Through Alain’s leadership, the Martin & Vleminckx company accomplished an outstanding number of realizations worldwide, including the installation of the two tallest roller coasters in the world and completed wood coaster installation projects at renowned amusement parks such as Six Flags Holland, Tusenfryd Oslo, Race World Tennessee, Six Flags Great Escape New York, Six Flags La Ronde Montreal.  More recently Martin & Vleminckx has sold multiple wood coasters at parks such as Bay Beach (City of Green Bay), Legoland, FL; 13 projects in China including three (3) for the renowned park operator OCT and seven (7) for Fantawild; also other coasters for parks all over China.  His participation in Martin & Vleminckx’s most recent and dramatically themed wood coaster attraction for Sea World in Queensland, Gold Coast, Australia was integral in acquiring the contract.  This work of art is scheduled for opening in early 2022.

Kevin Hehn has been promoted to President. Kevin has been working in the amusement park industry for over 30 years. In 2010 he joined Martin & Vleminckx and previously held the position of Vice President of Operations.

Alain Vleminckx, CEO

Kevin Hehn, President