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Kentucky Kingdom
Louisville KY, USA
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Springfield, MA, USA
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Six Flags La Ronde
Montreal, Canada
Six Flags La Ronde
Montreal, Canada
Hyper Coaster
Bolliger & Marbillard

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Opening: April 1997
Height: 154 ft
Length: 4155 ft
Top speed: 63 mph
Designer/manufacturer: B&M
Opening: Summer 2002
Height: 2600 feet
Characteristics: Train with no floor, 5 slanted turns, 2 corkscrews and 3 loops
Manufacturer: B&M
Opening: Summer 2002
Inversions: 5
Maximum speed: 80,5 km/h
Track length: 823m
Height: 32m
Number of trains: 2
Manufacturer: Bolligner & Mabillard